Professionals and How We Work With the Trade

You the professional are an intricate part of our business. We need your support and success to ensure our own.

We hope our professional discounting structure will be of value to you and your clients.

Our simple 3-6-12 program:

  • 3% discount for referring a client to us.

    A 3% discount is applied to the purchase on behalf of you, the professional or you will receive a referral fee of 3% at point of sale. All that is required is a W9 so we can pay you for a sale that is generated by your referral.

  • 6% discount for specifying product and designing the project with us and the client.

    A 6% discount is applied to the purchase on behalf of you, the professional or 6% of the contract value will be paid to you. You are not only responsible for bringing us the sale but are actively involved in all client meetings and the specification process.

  • 12% discount for purchasing the product on behalf of the client.

    A 12% discount is applied to the contract at point of sale. This discount is only available when you, the professional are responsible for bringing us the client and helping in the specification and design process and the contract and payments are made directly with your company.

Questions and Answers

Q: How is our program different from others?

A: We apply discounts to point of sale pricing rather than list.

Q: How do you know if you are really getting the preferred pricing?

A: We share list and point of sale with client and professional on an open book basis.

Transparency Is Our Goal

We will be sure to let our clients know they are paying less when working with you, assuming you are working with your client on a fee basis. If you are working with your client on a cost plus basis we want to make sure we can contribute toward your bottom line at the same time protecting our clients overall budgets.

We do not tag on to our pricing to cover the cost of this discounting. It is a genuine discount from our standard point of sale values.

We strive to make it as easy a working relationship as we possibly can so that you are sure to come back to us with all your future projects.